P183 – The Russian Answer To Banksy Turns The Streets Of Moscow Into A Work Of Art

by admin on February 3, 2012

A Russian artist going by the name of P183 has hit the headlines in the UK for some very imaginative street art that has been popping up around Moscow. Similarities have instantly been made to the UK's very own Banksy with some calling P183 Bankski!

The similarities in the way he goes about his work and the fact that his identity is not known for sure. His work also makes use of the urban surroundings in which it appears, again something Banksy became an expert at doing.

Take a look at this piece that was done after snowfall in a Moscow square gave him the opportunity to create a pair of glasses with a lamppost acting as the second arm. This is what P183 said of the work "The snow fell, covering the square in a huge white sheet. Looking from the window of the upper floor I could not help looking for items to put fantasies into reality. In the middle of the courtyard stands a lamppost, which very much resembles the shackle of glasses. The decision came immediately to make it a reality."
P183 Moscow Art

Take a look at some of the other images that were captured before the work was 'removed'.

pavel 183

P183 Security Cam Machine Guns

pavel p183 street artist

Barb Wire Baubles P183

Rioter With Flare Pictures: REX FEATURES

So will this be seen as a challenge to Banksy as one of the most sought after street artists in the world? I don't think we can jump ahead that far quite so soon but this is one dude who we will be keeping an eye on!

What do you think? Rival or something completely different?

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