New Work By Banksy Dec 2011

by admin on December 13, 2011

 The website has recently updated with new images from around the UK with a few of them backing up recent claims of Banksy art.

There is also a great QnA with Banksy as well with him answering some of the most asked questions as well as clearing up the rumour mill that surrounded the Banksy Vs Robbo 'feud'

CCTV Ostrich outside the National Gallery

ostrich cctv Banksy

Plane Sky Writing In Liverpool

Lifestyle - Poplar, London

Shop Till You Drop? Mayfair, London

This was first spotted a couple of weeks ago as reported on the new Banksy Stencil found post

No Stopping London

Banksy No Stopping London

Planning Permission in Liverpool


One thing for sure, Banksy has definitely been busy! Its good to see new work pop up especially when it is confirmed by the man himself.


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