Is Hanksy The New Banksy!

by admin on January 16, 2012

hanksy flower throwerI have seen imitations of Banksy art in the past but none quite like the 'Hanksy' pieces that have been seen popping up as of late in New Yorks Lower East Side.

Using famous Banksy pieces the only difference is that the face of Tom Hanks replace the heads of rats, a balloon, 3 monkeys and that of the flower thrower, this has the addition of changes the bunch of flowers to 'Wilson', Tom Hanks 'friend' in  film Castaway.

In fact its more of a spoof than an imitation, whatever it is though the Hanksy artist also remains anonymous just like Banksy!

Here is a brief interview posted on  (After weeks of trying to track him down)

Hanksy work is also showing at the New York Krause Gallery from 13th - 31st Jan for anyone wanting a closer look

(Gallery Images - Bowery Boogie)

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