Banksy Bombing Middle England

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More About Banksy Bombing Middle England

Bombing Middle England portrays English pensioners bowling with bombs. The picture shows three pensioners at one end and three bombs at the other end. The picture is made from acrylic and spray paint on canvas. Banksy is known for his anti war stance and this picture lays emphasis on his perspective. Bombing Middle England is a very thought provoking piece of work. He takes a dig at the political system as well as the politicians.

Bombing Middle England was sold for a record price. It was auctioned at the Sotherbys Auction House, London, England. The winning bid was £102,000 or approximately $204,000. This was a breaking record for his work. Some other works of the artist like the Balloon girl was sold for £37,200 while another piece, the Bomb Hugger was sold for £31,200

Banksy, the well known graffiti artist is responsible for painting and decorating cities around the world with his art work. He is the worlds most famous andthe most anonymous artist. He has a style unique to him, stenciling. His images and comments on the walls of buildings are known for both their satirical humor and social and political content. However there is another side to this famous guy. He is not just a graffiti artist; he is a studio artist too!

Some of his famous pieces include the Happy Choppers, The Fall of a Man, Roller Rat, Welcome to London, Media, Love is in the air/ Flower chucker, Flying Chopper, Laugh Now, Pooh Bear, Toxic Virgin, Golf Sale, Sharks, Kids On Guns, Feed the world, Have a Nice Day, Applause, Hunters, Car wreck, Bomb Hugger, Balloon girl, Bombing Middle England etc. In most of these he has stuck onto his stenciling technique. Bansky Bowling Bombs or Bombing Middle England is yet another famous piece of art.