Banksy Vs Robbo Returns In Camden?

by admin on December 5, 2011

Has Banksy decided to reach out and 'light a candle' for Robbo?

With King Robbo currently in hospital after falling into a coma following an accident it is thought that the site of the much publicised feud between Banksy and Robbbo has been restored to its original Robbo tag but this time with the aerosol candle in addition.

This appeared a few weeks ago in November 2011 and is thought to have been done by Banksy after the pair had 'battled' over the Regents Canal, Camden wall. It is well documented the lengths each went to in order to get the upper hand making this one of the most famous graffiti walls in the UK.

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Banksy King Robbo


Banksy King Robbo Camden

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