Banksy Enters Turnip Prize But Doesn’t Win

by admin on December 8, 2011

Banksy entered the Turnip Prize again this year. If you don't know what the Turnip Prize is here is a little intro taken from their website:

Turnip Prize"The Turnip Prize is the antidote to the Turner Prize, an art competition based in the UK which annually dazzles the public of the World with a dire tribe of pseudo artistic litter. As the artistic press gasp and feign in awe as a line of what appears to be a line degenerates and fruitcakes queue up in front of the world to give verbose justifications about how their "piece" should be "appreciated" by everyone and what "inspired" it. The rest of us just stand gaping at the wanton peddling of crap and are then astonished as some "more money than sense" business man snaps up the winner's output for hundreds of thousands.

Lets face it, the Turner prize set out to be new, innovative and shocking, maybe even anti establishment. Now it is the establishment, if they wanted to be really shocking they should give it to someone who actually shows some talent and ability (and someone normal with no obvious outward psychological problems)...."

So basically they are taking the piss out of The Turner Prize and by setting up their own Turnip Prize where there are only 3 requirements for all entries:

1.) Lack of effort
2.) Alliteration or pun used in title
3.) Is it shit?

If your effort looks to have had too much effort put into it then it will be disqualified!

So what was the latest piece submitted by Banksy? Here it is...

Banksy - Is Crap Art art Or Is It Crap?

Did he win? No this was deemed that there was too much effort put in, the 2011 winner is below with his piece named “Jamming with Muddy Waters” (A large jar containing muddy water and jam)

turnip prize winner 2011

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