Banksy Stencils – How does Banksy Use Them And Can I Make Them?

Art fans in general and particularly of Banksys graffiti art are always in awe of their idols masterpieces. Banksy has created a name for himself in Bristols underground art scene since the 1980s with clever, often controversial and provoking anti-authoritarian street art. It is no surprise that Banksy is said to have created a revolution of sorts by turning street and graffiti art into worldwide acceptance. He has paved the way for many street artists to turn their work into a plausible way of making a living. With the world now opening their eyes on graffiti artists such as Banksy, many artists and would-be artists harbour hopes of achieving success just like him.

The Stencil Technique

banksy stencilsHaving mentioned that, there has been a lot of queries regarding the technique(s) used by Banksy in the process of creating his masterpieces. It has been said that his art is produced with a method called stencilling.

Banksys stencilling technique is said to be somewhat influenced by the godfather of stencil art, Frenchman Blek le Rat. As a matter of fact, the duo has gone ahead to collaborate on numerous projects. The Banksy stencils are often humorous images combined with anti-capitalist, anti-war and anti-establishment messages.

Among the notable Banksy stencils used in producing his art is a series of rat stencils. The list includes stencils depicting a painting rat, a bolt cutter rat, bowler rat, Gangsta Rat and rat with camera. In addition to the popular rat stencils are those that depicts images of policemen, children, monkeys and the elderly.

Today, a Bansky stencil can be bought. This comes from the realization that these stencils can be used for a myriad of purposes including to decorate bags, walls, canvases, skateboards and t-shirts. Depending on the individuals or artist at hands creativity, the results could be astounding and captivating. There is really no limit to what Banksy graffiti stencils could produce.

For those who wish to have their own personal Banksy-styled stencils, the best way is to make them. Although Banksy is known to produce with stencils, the actual technique involved remains secretive, possibly due to his anonymous identity in itself.

Making Stencils

Luckily the art of making stencils is simple and widely used:

  1. Draw desired image on a piece of art paper
  2. Paste the drawn image on a piece of acetate cardboard
  3. Cut out the pasted image on the piece of cardboard using a sharp blade
  4. Get desired spray can colours and spray them from a distance
  5. Leave them to dry and when dried, you can start using your own custom Banksy-styled stencils!

The above is only a rough guide to making these stencils. Although it will allow you to create one-off designs on your stencils, not everyone possesses the patience or even flair to make them. If this is the case, our best advice would be to check out the latest Bansky stencils for sale and to just buy them. It would be a small price to pay given the possibilities they bring.