Banksy Simpsons Intro Video & Original Sketches

by admin on November 27, 2011

Just when we thought Banksy couldn't do anymore to surprise, the Banksy Simpsons introduction has already become viral across the internet. As usual it is proving highly controversial with the scenes depicting sweat shop conditions and what is a swipe at Fox TV. I'm sure they knew what was going on though as afterall they did pay for it to be produced!

The Banksy created storyboard contains an exhausted unicorn as a DVD hole punch, cats being thrown into a wood stripper to make stoffing for Bart dolls, a Panda being used like a work horse to pull a cart and a dolphins head on a stick being used as a tape gun! As i'm sure you can see, a few things to get people talking there!


The original Banksy Simpsons sketches

Here is a bit of a closer look at the sketches that were created by Banksy for the video intro, great to see the work that went into it!

Banksy Simpsons Sketch

Banksy Simpsons Sketch 2Banksy Simpsons Sketch 3Banksy Simpsons Sketch 4Banksy Simpsons Sketch 5Banksy Simpsons Sketch 6Banksy Simpsons Sketch 7Banksy Simpsons Sketch 8

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