Banksy Signed Art – What to look for when choosing a signed Banksy

banksy signed artFans of street art and graffiti in Britain would be most certain to be familiar with the name Banksy. After all, the street artists popularity is on the overdrive. Banksy signed art today is among one of the most sought after by art collectors and investors alike. In reality, Banksys demi-god status is a melting pot of different factors.

His penchant for witty, humorous yet provocative art has succeeded in the drawing of attention. For his hundreds of thousands of fans, he is an idol and a representation of the society. For those in authority though, Banksy can prove to be quite a handful.

This is due to his anti-establishment, anti-authoritarian, anti-war and atheism sentiments that has made him as popular as he is and provocative at the same time.

Buying a Banksy signed art can be intimidating for those without any prior experience. As opposed to wide belief, it is much more than a mere act of buying/bidding for the first piece of Banksy signed art that is available. The reason for this is there is a fine mix between authenticity and replicas out there in the market. Without the proper knowledge, you could easily be overpaying for that cheap replica.

The first thing to do would be to only buy from official sources. Banksy signed art is only sold at selected outlets and websites for that matter. A good example of this would be Next, instead of buying just about everything you can lay your hands upon (unless of course you have unlimited wealth!), only part with your cash if you fancy the piece of signed canvas enough.

To check for authenticity of Banksy signed art, you can use the guidelines below:

  • Blind Stamps : Picturesonwalls, the official source for Banksy original prints had taken additional security measures when they began using an embossing stamp. There is also the number of a print found written on the interior of this stamped area. All this means that the prints are harder to replicate although not entirely impossible.
  • Signature : Banksy is known to sign either at the bottom left or right hand corners and uses pencil in the process. Signatures have been known to be easily reproduced and copied. Still, do bear in mind that when signing a large number of prints, it can vary substantially!
  • Numbering : Generally speaking, various numbering systems have been employed over the years which is basically just the print number in that edition.
  • Receipt : These are issued when signed art is resold by selected venues/websites/.. These places include POW, Art Republic and Lazinc.
  • Paper/material : Signed art is produced on papers of varying quality degree. However, the most common would be heavy paper that is finished off with matt.

The following are among some of Banksy signed art that has been sold over the years. Among the more popular and sought after signed prints include “Bomb Hugger”, “Destroy Capitalism”, “Hunters”, “Morons”, “Happy Chopper”, “Fallen Angel” and “Girl with Balloon”.