Banksy Rat

Gangsta Rat

Over the years, Banksy has produced a large number of graffiti and paintings. His collection of art and graffiti also involves collaborations with other street artists such as himself including the godfather of stencil art, Blek le Rat. He has released a movie and a book on his art.

There is no doubt that Banksy art today makes an intriguing study subject and among the most notable would be art depicting images of rats. For some reason, Banksy has a huge affinity with art depicting images of rat coupled with a series of different themed slogans. As a matter of fact, Banksy rat paintings and graffiti, having made appearances in different forms and all over the world, is said to be the artists most prominent work to date.

Banksy anarchist ratThe Anarchist Rat, which simply depicts an image of a rat holding a banner supporting anarchism, has been widely regarded, accepted and purported to be the most famous Banksy Rat to date. It clearly shows the kind of mindset that the artist possesses.

Another must see piece of art from Banksy is one that is said to be found in Barbican. Here, the Banksy Rat is depicted holding a placard with the words “London Doesnt Work”. The sneering rat stenciled in bold black, is also found to have a locket hung around his neck.

The Banksy Rat depicted alongside a huge advertising billboard of a public primary school is Banksys classic jibe at the establishment system. “I am worthless”, the slogan accompanying a Banksy Rat at a temporary Farrington car park is another that is thought provoking in many ways.

Although many of Banksys street art and graffiti including those of Banksy art is said to be painted over such as the one on a rooftop along the elevated Brentford M4 motorway, it did not discourage or damper the artists spirit. He repainted the artwork in question along with the aptly worded slogan “This Is Not A Race”.

Banksy Radar RatThe above is only a handful of outstanding Banksy Rat images. There are others such as Radar Rat, Liverpool Rat, Gangsta Rat and so on.

Many of these graffiti images have been made into rat stencils for sale to the public. In addition to these, there are also t-shirts with rat prints depicted on them. These rat stencils and rat prints can be found in popular art galleries, shops and websites. It is only an inkling of the level of Banksys much-deserved popularity.

Banksy is a name that needs no introduction, especially amongst art enthusiasts in the UK and Bristol particularly. For these and many other art lovers from all over the world, Banksy has revolutionized and commercialized street art and graffiti art in his own manner.

From humble beginnings in Bristol in the 1980s, Bansky is a household name today that commands hundred thousands of pounds for his paintings today with clients including art dealers and the rich & famous. He has also paved the way for other graffiti artists to be able to produce art commercially.