Banksy Queen Victoria

Banksys Queen Victoria is the controversial painting which the graffiti artist chose to render. It portrays Queen Victoria as a lesbian. Banksy has always been a prankster at work and Queen Victoria painting justified it all ends. Queen Victoria is dressed up in stockings and suspender belt in the picture. It is seen that she is sitting on another woman armed.

The reason behind this painting, possibly, is the famous action of Queen Victoria to refuse to pass the law outlawing Lesbianism. Queen Vitoria never believed in Lesbianism and this was the basis for Banksys painting. This painting by Banksy created a lot of publicity and criticism but turned out to be a big hit. It was auctioned at a whopping price at all its centers. This showed that Banksys works are hugely popular among the public.

Banksy is a native of Yate, a city near Bristol. Born and brought up in Bristol, Banksy became one of the finest graffiti artist but yet remains pseudo anonymous. He started off as a freehand graffiti artist who then later on began to experiment more with his stencils and paintings.

"Walls on Fire" was his first work and it attracted the attention of several artists from UK and Ohio. He decided to use stencils excessively as it consumed less time than the other forms of art. Such a fine artist who wishes to live his days unknown, his works are prolific, subversive and witty. This is one such fact that people do not forget his paintings that easily.

Banksy decorates zoos, walls and bridges in the towns and cities across the world. Most of his art work revolves around the political and cultural issues of the society. There is a witty connotation to all his work. His stencil work combined with the exquisite graffiti writing like that of the Blek le rat is appreciated by thousands around the world.