Banksy Prints

Graffiti, controversy and cheekiness! These words instantly connect to Banksy. This popular British artist hailing from Bristol is the demi-god of graffiti. He is the creator of many landmark pieces in graffiti. His rise to prominence was aided by the aerosol boom in the late 80s. Born to a photocopier engineer, he started his career as a freelance graffiti artist.

Banksys claim to fame is the use of stencils along side spray paintings. This was something unseen in the world of graffiti and it became his trademark. His works are contemporary and are a reflection of the society we live in. He resented the idea of establishment and was a supporter of an anarchist state. This is clearly reflected in his famous work, the anarchist rat. Banksy, apart from street art also dabbed in portraits and prints. Banksy prints are extremely popular among members of the public.

Some of the Banksy prints that are available are:

1. Applause featuring a war pilot with the tag line applause.

banksy applause canvas
2. Bomb middle England featuring ladies rolling bombs along a lawn.

Banksy bomb middle england
3. Christ with shopping bags featuring a crucified Christ holding on to shopping bags.

banksy Christ With Shopping Bags
4. Cant beet that feeling featuring Mickey Mouse and Mc Donald holding onto a under fed child and naked child from Africa.

can't beat that feeling banksy
5. CCTV scorpions featuring two battling close circuit cameras.

Banksy CCTV Scorpions
6. Di faced notes – Banksy replaced the picture of the queen from the currency and replaced it with pictures of Princess Diana.

Di faced notes
7. Flower thrower – This Banksy print depicts a masked man throwing a bunch of flowers.

Banksy Love Is In The Air
8. Girl with a balloon – This Banksy print portrays a young girl trying to catch a balloon.

Girl With Balloon Prints
9. Gangsta rat – This features one of Banksys most iconic images – the rat in the guise of a rat.

Banksy Gangsta rat
10. Grannies – it depicts two grannies knitting jumpers with tag lines like thug for life and punks not dead.

Banksy Grannies
11. Happy chopper- it depicts an army chopper with a pink bow tie tied on top of it

Banksy Happy Chopper
12. Kate Moss- This print has Kate Moss in Andy Warhols Marilyn Monroe style.

Banksy Kate moss

Before you decide on purchasing Banksy prints, ensure that you are buying an original and not some cheap replica. Buying from genuine and official sources ensures that you get an original. One of these prints from Banksy will not come cheap. Therefore it is always advisable to check the authenticity of the source before you decide to take the plunge. Follow the steps given below to ensure the originality of the Banksy print.

The first step is to check the signature on the print. Banksy is known to sign prints with pencil and you are most likely to find the signature at either of the bottom corner. The paper used in the original is heavy paper. Rubber stamps have been added to the original prints as an extra safety precaution. Look out for this stamp.

Banksy prints are selling like hot cakes and it is quite hard to get your hands on one. If you are interested in buying a Banksy print then advance orders may have to be placed. The selling point of these prints is its naughtiness, clarity and frankness.