Banksy Posters

Banksy Poster

Literally no stone has been left unturned when it comes to getting your 'Banksy fix', if spending £8000+ on an original print is not the way forward for you then Banksy posters could be the perfect answer.

Some of his most popular graffiti art is now available in poster form and its great way to collect or display his work at minimum cost.

There are a number of signed Banksy posters in circulation as well which, not surprisingly, fetch a good lump sum of money for those lucky enough to own one.

Banksys art works are non-permanent. The graffiti is deface-able and the street art on buildings and walls are demolished from time to time and sometimes painted over unknowingly. It is never an easy task to relocate the lost work.

So we are left with this as an option to own a piece of him. Buying Banksy posters is one of the best ways of making his art work portable, well, this and taking a photo of it of course but you have to get to it before it is removed or sold.

If you really do like Banksy posters, get them up on your walls for people to see, there are those that haven't actually heard of banksy yet you know!.