Banksy “No Ball Games Allowed” Successfully Stolen From Art Series Hotel

by admin on January 13, 2012

Back in December we covered how The Art Series Hotel Group in Australia had come up with an ingenious bit of marketing by inviting anyone that checked into one of their hotels the opportunity to steal the 'No Ball Games' Banksy print. See more of that story on our 'Steal A Banksy Legally' story.

Well it only took 4 days for somebody to walk out with it and i've gotta say the way they did it was very impressive, some serious blagging was involved!

Here's how Maura Tuohy, aided by her accomplice Megan Aney managed to do it.

1. Check in to the hotel with night Duty Manager

2. Spend the night researching the names of all the people involved in the Steal Banksy competition (Hotel, marketing, publicists)

3. In the morning report to the morning Duty Manager saying that you’re from the Hotel’s publicity agency and that you’re here to move the Banksy to the next hotel.

4. Answer all the grueling questions from the staff to verify your story, reeling off all the necessary names of the people who sent you. (Extremely well done guys!)

5. Have your accomplice on the phone pretending to be “xxxx” from the Art Series Hotel wanting to speak to the Duty Manager to verify the move.

6. Have the hotel verify that it is indeed legitimate and walk you and the Banksy to your fictitious car.

7. Since you don’t have a car ask the staff to grab some towels and bubble wrap to package it for a safe journey leaving you alone with the Banksy.

8. Remove high heels and run to the lift

9. Put high heels back, have a nice man hold the lift for you as you enter and head back to the lobby

10. Walk straight out the front door whilst the other staff wave goodbye, say thanks and apologise for all the security questions!

Steal A Banksy In Pictures

Here are some of the security images from The Art Series Hotel

Don't be too gutted though if you were planning on getting yourself down there to practice your thieving skills! They have put up another Banksy! Yup they have
'Pulp Fiction' hanging on the walls of one of their hotels until 15th January when the promotion finishes.

Reports have been going around though that they have had it hung on the wall behind the reception desk in one of the hotels so good luck if you are going to have to do some sneaky shit to get that away!

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