Banksy New York Pet Shop

Banksy New York Pet storeBanksy New York pet shop exhibition is not a pet shop in the truest sense. It is a collection of moving and animated figures under the guise of animals. This is the first time Banksy has tried out something different. The shop is named as village pet shop & charcoal grill. The shop gives you the impression of an extravagant movie set.

This experience is accentuated by the fact that actors play the role of shop assistants. Banksys claims the reason for the opening of a pet shop was the fact that art was not appreciated as much as pets in New York. Therefore he turned to exhibiting pets instead.

The so-called pets that are exhibited in the shop are stunningly life like. These pets even move around the store. Banksys cheekiness comes to the fore in this exhibition. None of the works pets and sculptures that are displayed here are for sale. It is just a walk in exhibition. The opening of the pet shop was quintessential Banksy. It was opened without any fan fare and publicity.

Banksy TweetyThe pets that are displayed here deserve special mention. There is a cage with a worn out and dull looking Tweety bird swinging back and forth. There is a gold fish filled with moving gold fingers. A display called nuggets, features two pint sized chicken nuggets pecking at tomato sauce, watched over by a mother hen.

Big cat is an ingeniously designed display. It consists of the fur of a leopard on a branch inside a cage. It is so life like that some people walked in to protest against cruelty towards an endangered species. Another interesting and controversial display is the one which features two hot dogs having sex. Another life like display is one in which a monkey wearing a headphone watches T.V.

Banksy is a highly popular and controversial British artist. Banksy is believed to be highly eccentric and has never made a public appearance. This preference to remain in the dark has created an aura of mystery about him. Banksy started of as a freelance graffiti artist and graduated slowly into the best in the field.

Banksy Village Pet StoreHe came into his own after organizing graffiti jam along with another popular graffiti artist. He art is recognized world wide. He works have been found across the globe. He has painted on the streets of Jordan, in the alleys of New York and in the West Bank of Israel. Banksy has pro-socialist leaning.

He is very much against the idea of war. His art is a mirror to the times we live in and is much appreciated for its boldness and frankness. During the later part of his career Banksy starting combining stencils with graffiti. It resulted in a unique blend. Banksy true to his eccentric ways started a pet shop in New York.

Banksy New York pet shop exhibition proves the versatility of the artist and brings to fore the naughty side of Banksy, take a look at this BBC report for a closer look.