Banksy Monopoly Board – Is This Really A Banksy?

by admin on November 29, 2011

With the protests taking place around the world in support of the Occupy Wall St movement it wasn't a massive shock to the system to see (what is thought to be) a Banksy piece pop up and have its say.

The sculpture, that shows a Monopoly board with 'Mr Moneybags' begging with cap in  hand, only stuck around for a day and it is still yet to be verified as a Banksy original by any 'official spokesman'.
Banksy Occupy London Monopoly
So why do people think this is the work of the invisible street artist himself? There are a couple of things that stand out with the first being the theme of corporate greed. Its no secret that Banksy has been producing art standing up against the powers that be for many years, it can be seen in much of his work.

The second is the 'TOX' tag on the side of the red 'Monopoly House', Tox is a notorious street tagger in London (real name Daniel Halpin) who was arrested for criminal damage for his tagging escapades on trains, walls, bridges and anywhere else he could get to. If you live or have visited London on the train before you have probably noticed hisTOX tag. The Daily Mail reported 'TOX' was referencing the toxic loans on mortgages but i doubt if it is a Banksy this is what the meaning is.Banksy Occupy London Monopoly Board

Then there is the obvious that seems too dissappointingly obvious, the Banksy chancer card.

Banksy Chancer Card

Banksy created this piece in Camden near Daniel Halpin's home after he was convicted. Their is a debate as to whether Banksy's piece is a tribute or simply taking the piss out of TOX who in the court hearing was reffered to by the prosecution “He is no Banksy. He doesn’t have the artistic skills, so he has to get his tag up as much as possible”.
Banksy TOX
Keeping with the artwork in question though, it has also been said that the Monopoly piece is just too obvious to be a Banksy. I kind of agree, if the house didn't have the TOX tag on it i wouldn't think of this as an obvious Banksy. When i first saw this it actually reminded me of Alec Monopoly a street artist who's work can be seen around LA.

So what do you think? Is this a Banksy original? Let me know your thoughts.

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