Banksy Locations

Banksy LocationsBanksy decided to experiment with graffiti in the later stages of his career. He started combining stencils with graffiti. This was something unique and striking. Now the combination of stencils and graffiti is the trademark of Banksy. His works spawn the globe and bears testament to the fact that Banksy is extremely popular across the world. Some of the Banksy locations are listed below.

Banksys art is scattered across the streets of London. Banksy kissing coppers featuring two cops locking lips was found on a stretch of wall in Ladbroke Grove. Ozones angel featuring an angel holding on to a human skull and wearing a bullet proof vest was found in Barking, an eastern suburb of London.

This was dedicated to fellow graffiti artist Ozone who passed away in a train accident. Banksy rat is his signature work and is found in numerous locations. A Banksy rat in Barbican holds a placard that reads London doesnt work. The rat also made an appearance in a car park in Farringdon, where the placard reads because I am worthless.

A famous Banksy work can be found in a location off Oxford Street in central London. Here one nation under CCTV is painted in big bold lettering. Banksy kid with the syringe can be found near the wharf. It features a boy fishing in a bucket with a syringe. Banksy leopard made an appearance in the cans festival in London. It featured a stenciled leopard, with spray painted spots. Near Holland park roundabout in London another of Banksys work can be found. It features a young girl painting in bold red letters the following quote take this - society. A landmark Banksy art featuring Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta holding on to bananas instead of guns was found on Transport for London property. It was a take on the cult movie Pulp Fiction.

Banksy locations stretch further afield than England. A series of Banksy works were found in the U.S.A after hurricane Katrina struck the U.S coast. Banksy rain girl is found in New Orleans, it depicts a girl taking cover under a rain in pouring rain. Another portrait depicts the looting that took place after the hurricane struck in New Orleans.

His work can also be found on the West Bank.

Banksy is popular English graffiti artist. He was born in 1974, in the county of South Gloucestershire. He initially started off as a butcher and moved on to graffiti. The change in career had a variety of contributing reason. He was inspired by the work of graffiti artists and his brain was full of revolutionary ideas. He wanted to express these ideas to the public and he chose the medium of graffiti as its carrier.