Banksy Graffiti – Is It Art Or Vandalism?

Banksy is a name that is said to be synonymous with street art in general and graffiti art particularly. His iconic status is largely attributed to his graffiti, paintings and his mysterious identity. To date, Banksys true identity including his name and face remains a well-kept secret from art lovers and the society in general. Although Banksy Graffiti remains very much sought after and is able to command excellent and exorbitant prices in renowned art galleries and art shows throughout the world, fans, observers and critics alike have voiced one underlying question - “Banksy Graffiti – Is It Art or Vandalism?”

To date, Banksy and Bristol graffiti is said to go hand-in-hand with each other and inseparable. His involvement in the whole street and graffiti art has its history firmly rooted to the Bristol aerosol Boom of the 1980s. He was actively involved in Bristols underground scene whereby he and other street artists like himself collaborated with musicians in various projects. His technique in producing his works is known as stencil graffiti, similar to the likes of Blek le Rat from the band Crass.

Banksy graffiti in Bristol, UK is among the many renowned graffiti locations in the world today. It is similar to the likes of those in New York in USA, Berlin in Germany, London in England and Melbourne in Australia. These graffiti locations attract millions of artists and visitors alike collectively.

Today, Banksy graffiti pictures can be found all over the world, either in private collections, galleries or even in online and offline publications. A visit to websites around the net will reveal Banksys extensive collection of graffiti pictures, most of which are stunning with its distinctive charm in its own way. For fans of the artist, his book “Wall and Piece” will surely be a valuable addition to their collection. It is filled with many photographs on Banksys graffiti and events. It is indeed amusing and bemusing since, depending on how one views it, will make us laugh and wonder in amazement.

Despite all this, there is always a fine line between art and vandalism. Banksy, who is well-known for his strong anti-authoritarian and anti-establishment sentiments such as one of two policemen who was depicted kissing deeply and passionately and one of the many famous Banksy pieces to be found. It is provocative and leads to them being removed and painted over. Another famous graffiti was the one that Banksy painted on the steps of Tate Britain with the words “mind the crap”. Then, who can forget the famous Banksy graffiti art involving a scene from Quentin Tarantinos Pulp Fiction with John Travolta and Samuel L.Jackson having bananas in their hands in place of guns. The £300,000 mural was painted over by London transport workers since it gave out an altered perception and message to the society.

With that in mind, the question of whether “Banksy Graffiti – Is it Art or Vandalism?” really all lies in the individuals themselves. For the many street artists in Bristol and UK in general, Banksy is a celebrated hero who had transformed street art into one that demands and commands proper attention, respect and price today. For those in authorities in UK especially, they can only hope not to get on the wrong books of the anonymous celebrity artist.