Banksy graffiti – Some Of His Most Popular Work

It can be overwhelming indeed if you have no idea of the level of popularity the Bristol street and graffiti artist, Banksy commands today. The master of stenciled art, a technique the artist adapted after the realization that it could help produce graffiti and paintings at a much faster rate and neater to boot. Banksy sells his paintings for a price tag that the average individual wouldnt dream of affording. Still, prints of unsigned and signed art, stencils and t-shirts are some of the most sought after by the horde of fans out there today.

To date, there is a massive collection of Banksy Graffiti, paintings and other artwork. His work has been depicted on prints, books and even in a recently released movie. Throughout the course of his career, Banksy has created a handful of notable humorous and striking images. Coupled with some well-thought and (often) provoking slogans, He has turned out to be somewhat a cult hero. To the public, he is an icon and celebrity artist albeit maintaining anonymity. To the many street artists in Bristol, UK and all over the globe, Banksy is a hero that has been actively involved in the evolution, revolution and commercialization of street art and graffiti art.

Banksy Fallen Angel

Banksy Fallen AngelOn a different note, Banksys fallen angel, another of his notable art, is purportedly created to represent the falling of someone or something prominent in the society. Banksy Fallen Angel is represented by an image of an angel sitting down with a lit cigarette in one hand, along with a bottle of alcohol on the ground. For those who are overly sensitive on religion, this could prove to be intimidating.

Another Banksy art depicting an angel is known as Ozones Angel. The particular piece of art, seen at Barking, is of an angel wearing a bulletproof vest, holding a human skull. The graffiti is widely believed to be a tribute to a fellow British artist, Ozone, who was hit by a train in an underground tunnel in Barking.


Banksy Monkey

Banksy MonkeyAmong the many popular images used in Banksys work are those that involves the use of monkeys in various situations and environment. These images are often food for thought and depicted in a somewhat controversial manner. A fine example of this is the Banksy Monkey detonator, monkey mask, Banksy queen monkey, monkey parliament, Banksy French monkey, Banksy monkey “real” and a host of other artwork that incorporates the clever use of monkey images. The Banksy monkey has appeared in graffiti in his street art, in paintings, in unsigned and signed prints, t-shirts and other merchandise that clearly illustrates the cleverness of the master graffiti artist in many different ways.

Graffiti, paintings, t-shirts and unsigned and signed prints depicting Banksy monkey and Banksy Fallen Angel is among a series of collection over his career span. They clearly reflect the character and mindset of the artist. It is after all, one of the clues to Banksys identity that remains controversially anonymous in many ways. How he succeeds in doing that is as dumbfounding as his artwork is up to a certain degree!