Banksy Art – What Is All The Fuss About?

Art connoisseurs from all over the world in general and and London, UK to be specific would be certain to be well acquainted with Banksy Art. For the uninitiated, the question of what all the fuss and commotion is about the widely-celebrated graffiti artist can be perplexing and overwhelming. Although Banksy is believed to have revolutionized graffiti art in many different aspects, his involvement could be traced back to Bristols aerosol Boom in the 1980s and also often attributed to ingenious collaborations between the artists themselves with musicians. His paintings, influenced by graffiti art, has often made its way to thousands of art exhibitions, galleries and the collection of many well-known personalities including celebrities, entertainers, art dealers and world leaders. They are sold and priced for hundreds of thousands of pounds

Different Aspects Of Banksy

Today, we will attempt to understand the many different aspects of Banksy art and in the process, shed some light on the matter of his celebrated and elevated status as a superstar graffiti artist. Bristol born Banksys masterpieces encompasses many different topics and subjects which includes ethics, culture, politics and many more.

In reality, Banksy Art is really a culmination of an assortment of factors. Although his paintings and art is said to be a class on its own, attributed to a technique widely used in street art known as graffiti writing with another technique largely associated with Blek le Rat (an artist and musician with the band Crass) known as stenciling, it is actually the identity of the artist himself that creates all the fuss. To date, his true identity remains a well-kept secret and mystery from the public. He remains anonymous although he is a celebrated artist of graffiti art, street art, pop art or urban art (whichever term that is most relevant). How he has managed to maintain anonymity despite having paintings in world-class renowned art galleries in itself would add to the stature and fuss surrounding him.

Still, Banksy is an artist with a quirky sense of humour, intelligence and a penchant to attract attention.
He is the street artist who had once succeeded in having one of his street graffiti painted over by Bristol Council contractors. That very incident succeeded only in fueling his popularity since it is viewed as an act that is shunned by the public and considered to be comparable to one of the many scandals in the art scene of the past.

Banksy Today

Today, in addition to both street art and paintings exhibited in galleries all over the world including the renowned Soho, London and other parts of UK, Banksy art has gone on to be included in films. “Exit Through The Gift Shop”, which was recently released in the UK (March 5, 2010) is a movie which has added to the commotion and fuss surrounding Banksy. It is a documentary film on street artists in general and Banksy particularly. Banksy has succeeded in remaining anonymous throughout the movie since it depicts no face shots of the artist himself and his voice cleverly distorted to confuse audience. Ironic and humorous at times, the film has been labeled “The worlds first street art disaster movie”). Still, Banksy remains a very much loved street artist and (still) elusive despite all the fuss and commotion surrounding him and his works.

Banksy Movie Trailer